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First Physical Copies Ordered

My friends, today is a red letter day.

#SleeveLife has been submitted to my distributers and online avenues with a tentative release date of JUNE 15, 2018. However, I've ordered a single print copy from each of my distributers so I can proof them one last time before release (so release may come earlier, possibly). I should have the first one IN MY HANDS on Thursday.

I literally cannot wait to share this story with you all!

That being said - if you haven't signed up for the mailing list yet, or encouraged your friends to do so - now is the time! The book is getting ready to go live, and the only way our stories get told is if we storm the stores on release day and make sure we hit the top of the charts! So prepare to order! Sign up for the mailing list! Let's make this happen!

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