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Is Weight Loss Surgery Cheating?

Today I got an email from a reader named Jim. Jim found out about #SleeveLife in the Everett Herald article, downloaded the Kindle version, and is reading the book. He emailed with this question:

"I read your story in the Herald and am considering some type of “help” in losing weight.  My wife thinks it is cheating by having surgery, but I am otherwise active, just not willing to spend hours in a gym every day. Did you have detractors? And if so, how did you reply back to them?"

First of all - please understand that spending hours in a gym may not always result in weight loss. Exercise is one part of things, but dietary restriction is another big important part. So the fact that you can't spend "hours in a gym" every day isn't the issue, Jim. The fact is that it may not have the results you ask for.

Secondly - and I want to be very clear here - there is nothing easy about weight loss surgery. It's not a cheat, nor is it a quick fix. It's hard as hell. It involves being literally cut apart so that your body can change how it handles food. The recovery isn't easy either. Liquid diet, pain when walking or bending, constipation, drains you have to manually empty of blood and fluid, and more.

What I told people when they asked why I was taking the "easy way" or intimated that I was "cheating" - was the following:

I'm using it as the tool it's designed to be. A kickstart on my weight-loss path. Then I have to do the work myself to maintain it.

And that's it. That's what you can say. And if they still don't believe you - have them email me. Or better yet, hand them your copy of #SleeveLife and just say "Here, take a few days and read this. Then tell me I'm cheating." Because we all know you're not cheating. In fact what you're doing is seizing control of your life with both hands, and doing what you need to do not just to succeed - but to LIVE. To live your best life - your ideal life - your #SleeveLife.

And if they're still not convinced - or supportive - simply remind them (gently if you can, forcefully if you have to) that it's your life, your body, and your decision. And ask yourself this - would you feel more cheated if you died 20 years too early because the weight never came off?

Yeah. I thought so.

Hang in there Jim. You can do this. We're all behind you!


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