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National Doughnut Day | DOUGHBAR Review

My friends, you're wondering why on this weight loss surgery blog I'm discussing doughnuts and national doughnut day.

The answer is simple: #SleeveLife isn't about dieting. It's about LIFE. And life means doughnuts sometimes. So how do we doughnuts without going nuts?

Easy - has created a HIGH PROTEIN, LOW CARB, LOW CALORIE Doughnut that you just heat, ice, and serve!

Now - let's be clear - don't eat these every single day all year and expect things to be good. But as a treat - one or two are LOVELY. And their flavors are amazing. I have sampled most of them (and no, they didn't provide them to me for a plug - I just love them) - and haven't found a bad one yet (the apple pie one was the LEAST fun, and still pretty awesome).

So - if you want a doughnut - indulge. But do so smart and keep living your best #SleeveLife!

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