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I am incredibly pleased, honored, humbled, and a thousand other adjectives that I'm sure my editor would be able to come up with to announce to you today that #SleeveLife: Losing Half of Myself and Finding the Rest - is now published and available for order on Amazon, Kindle, and more!

This project has been an evolution both of the book and of myself throughout.

I can't wait to see what happens with this now that it's being released to the wild. If you are thinking of reading it - order it - if you read it - review it - if you see this - SHARE it.

Let's try to get to the top of the Amazon Category Best Sellers for Health, Diet, Bariatrics and any other categories we can get to! I'm counting on you to help me by ordering TODAY. The more orders in a single day, the more sales ranks we get, and the more visible our #SleeveLife becomes. It's time to tell all of our stories - and find our way to our best selves yet!

You can click here: to find #SleeveLife on Amazon!

Here we go!

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