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" won't put it down."

Reviews are coming in for #SleeveLife, and the response has been so amazing from the reviewers. I can't say thank you enough for the words people are using to describe their experience reading my journey.

Today I wanted to feature a recent review from Amazon (where the book is STILL the #1 new release in Bariatrics, I might add). And ask you - if you've read the book - please consider leaving a review on Amazon. It does so much for the book and our message.

Maybe your review will be featured here!

"Like another reader, I read this book in one sitting on the day it arrived in the mail. I am a daily reader and don't recall the last time I read a book cover to cover in one evening. This book is FANTASTIC!!!!

Jonathan is clearly a born story-teller. From start to finish, this book reads like a tale being told by an old friend. There were times that I wanted to get out my highlighter so that I could return to some of my favorite quotes (I may still go back and do just that).

This is not "just" a book about weight loss surgery. In fact, the surgery seems like somewhat of a back story or more of a piece in a large puzzle. Anyone could benefit from reading what it is like to struggle with various demons - from issues of having a body that won't respond the way we'd like, or a mind that spins off track from time to time - we are ALL involved in some sort of personal evolution. In fact, isn't that the goal? As Jonathan aptly stated "I had become a better version of myself. Not the best version, but a better one. Why not the best version? Because the best version of ourselves is always the next version." He details running the risk of "unbecoming"/"untransforming" - and isn't that what many of us fear most?

As the reader, I felt like even though Jonathan doesn't know what I'm thinking or feeling, he can somehow relate. He does make it clear to the reader that they're not alone in whatever life transformation they're considering or undertaking, large or small. In this day and age, that is a priceless gift.

I don't know if this review does the book justice, but hope anyone reading it will take the time to pick up this book. Once you do, I can assure you that you won't put it down."

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