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What Readers are Saying about #SleeveLife

I am proud today to bring you some of the advanced reviews of #SleeveLife - releasing soon (hopefully within 30 days). Have you signed up for the mailing list, so you can be made aware the second that the book is available?

I read Jonathan's book #Sleevelife a little over a year after my own weight loss surgery. I couldn't help but wish that it had been in my hands before my own decision to have the gastric sleeve. Jonathan's honesty about the struggles coming to his decision to have surgery were similar to my own and would've offered the assurance I needed. This book is a great reminder that we aren't alone and offers the motivation needed to take the next step.


#Sleevelife is like sitting down with a warm cup of protein coffee and a close friend. Jonathan shares his story in a completely real, transparent, and vulnerable way that I completely resonate with as a fellow sleever six years post-surgery. All of the emotions, the anxiety, the changes, the adjustments....he leaves nothing out. Jonathan’s book would prepare someone considering weight loss surgery better than any surgeon or counselor ever could. I'd prescribe reading it before having surgery, and then re-reading it probably once a month (or as needed) after surgery! You can't help but relate and feel like you've got a friend along for the journey, inspiring you every step of the way.


Jonathan does a wonderful job sharing his journey leading up to weight loss surgery and subsequently the successes and challenges that came after. His honest and lighthearted tone makes it feel as though a good friend is sitting next to you telling their story. He makes the intimidating idea of weight loss surgery approachable and grounded through no-holds barred sharing of his personal experience. A recommended read for inspiration for those considering #SleeveLife.


I LOVED the book. While I was reading it, I caught myself wishing when I was starting this process that I would have had access to a book like this to hear, first hand, about another person's experience, as well as have someone to relate to with my lifelong struggle with weight.


#SleeveLife, by Jonathan Dichter, is a candid story of this young mans journey on the weight loss rollercoaster. I found the book captivating from beginning to end. I could feel his emotions and struggles through his words, as if they were my own. I would recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with weight loss, and/or considering weight loss surgery.


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