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ObesityHelp 2019 Appearance!

You guys! I'm so thrilled to announce that has selected me as one of their speakers for this years conference in October! Anaheim better get ready because #SleeveLife is coming! They've asked me to bring my particular brand of positivity and humor to discuss transformation after having had WLS - and I have some great ideas! But if you have MORE ideas on topics you'd like to see me touch on - I'd welcome you to email me at - or rea

Eviva Q&A and Signing Approaching!

You guys - I'm so thrilled to be taking part in this event coming up on the 21st of this month! I've been instagramming and facebooking and doing more and more to get #SleeveLife noticed! I've partnered with some new friends and will have some fun announcements coming soon, too. I did want to make mention of one important thing though - the book will NOT be available to purchase at this event. You need to bring your copies (available on AMAZON - click here!) with you for sign

#SleeveLife on IG | Book Release Party | CONTEST

Okay - lots of exciting things to talk about today - so strap in and hold on tight! First - #SleeveLife is now active on Instagram! I love this format, and love the fun hashtags (obvi) I can use to reach as many people as possible. If your'e on Instagram, follow us @sleevelifebook and share, repost, comment, like etc.! I can't wait to see you all out there. Speaking of seeing you all - I'm proud to announce our BOOK RELEASE PARTY - brought to you by our good friends at Eviva!

Is Weight Loss Surgery Cheating?

Today I got an email from a reader named Jim. Jim found out about #SleeveLife in the Everett Herald article, downloaded the Kindle version, and is reading the book. He emailed with this question: "I read your story in the Herald and am considering some type of “help” in losing weight.  My wife thinks it is cheating by having surgery, but I am otherwise active, just not willing to spend hours in a gym every day. Did you have detractors? And if so, how did you reply back to the

Success in the Everett Herald - WOW!

According to the Everett Herald, the article that was posted yesterday to heraldnet ( has over 500 views already - making it the most read feature on their Life section! Thank you so much for your continued help with making #SleeveLife a successful book launch! Please - share these links - review the book on Amazon - encourage others to share the links - retweet the Herald's twitter fe

#SleeveLife Featured in the Everett Herald

#SleeveLife: Losing Half of Myself and Finding the Rest has been written up with an interview with the author in today's Everett Herald! You can read the article here: The reaction I've received since the release of this book has been just amazing, and I'm so proud of the work we've already accomplished. I can't wait to see what happens next and where we go from here! Stay tuned for up

" won't put it down."

Reviews are coming in for #SleeveLife, and the response has been so amazing from the reviewers. I can't say thank you enough for the words people are using to describe their experience reading my journey. Today I wanted to feature a recent review from Amazon (where the book is STILL the #1 new release in Bariatrics, I might add). And ask you - if you've read the book - please consider leaving a review on Amazon. It does so much for the book and our message. Maybe your review

#SleeveLife is the #1 new book on Bariatrics on Amazon!

You guys - we're doing it! If you've received or read #SleeveLife, please go leave a review on the Amazon page! Encourage your friends, too! This is happening! And it's time for us to tell the world our stories!!!


I am incredibly pleased, honored, humbled, and a thousand other adjectives that I'm sure my editor would be able to come up with to announce to you today that #SleeveLife: Losing Half of Myself and Finding the Rest - is now published and available for order on Amazon, Kindle, and more! This project has been an evolution both of the book and of myself throughout. I can't wait to see what happens with this now that it's being released to the wild. If you are thinking of reading

National Doughnut Day | DOUGHBAR Review

My friends, you're wondering why on this weight loss surgery blog I'm discussing doughnuts and national doughnut day. The answer is simple: #SleeveLife isn't about dieting. It's about LIFE. And life means doughnuts sometimes. So how do we doughnuts without going nuts? Easy - has created a HIGH PROTEIN, LOW CARB, LOW CALORIE Doughnut that you just heat, ice, and serve! Now - let's be clear - don't eat these every single day all year and expect

#SleeveLife LIVES!

In my hand I hold the first physical Proof copy of #SleeveLife: Losing Half of Myself and Finding the Rest. I cannot even express what holding this feels like. I am so grateful to everyone who helped make this possible. A review is underway, and soon I'll have an OFFICIAL publication date! I CANNOT WAIT FOR THAT. Have you signed up for the mailing list yet to be the FIRST person to buy this when it's released?

First Physical Copies Ordered

My friends, today is a red letter day. #SleeveLife has been submitted to my distributers and online avenues with a tentative release date of JUNE 15, 2018. However, I've ordered a single print copy from each of my distributers so I can proof them one last time before release (so release may come earlier, possibly). I should have the first one IN MY HANDS on Thursday. I literally cannot wait to share this story with you all! That being said - if you haven't signed up for the m

What Readers are Saying about #SleeveLife

I am proud today to bring you some of the advanced reviews of #SleeveLife - releasing soon (hopefully within 30 days). Have you signed up for the mailing list, so you can be made aware the second that the book is available? I read Jonathan's book #Sleevelife a little over a year after my own weight loss surgery. I couldn't help but wish that it had been in my hands before my own decision to have the gastric sleeve. Jonathan's honesty about the struggles coming to his decisi

Two Years Past (Passed?)

Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you!!! Two years ago this morning I was sitting in my surgical suite waiting to have my weight loss surgery. Today, I'm preparing for the publication of my book about that journey that has turned me into an entirely new person. My oh my what a two years it's been. To celebrate the launch of the website, my two year surgiversary, and the growing mailing list we're compiling (have you signed up? Why not?) - I'm going to present to you he is Live!

Welcome to #SleeveLife - the official website for my upcoming book. In addition to this book, there are a number of other projects in the works including speaking engagements, #SleeveLife swag, and a companion workbook to help you achieve your transformation to your best self! Take a look around, and be sure and subscribe to our facebook feed and our mailing list so you never miss out on a moment of #SleeveLife! - JD

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